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Teaching Safety & Acceptance

Join Lil’ Iguana & his diverse group of friends as they navigate through their daily lives of learning, playing, acceptance, problem-solving, & decision making.  Along their journeys, they learn important preventative safety lessons as well as self-worth, respect, and manners.    

Crafts & Activities

Printable activity worksheets and guided crafts reinforce safety & well-being messages

catchy tunes and interactive stories

Music & E-Books

Music is the most effective way to teach and reinforce!  Listen to catchy songs that reinforce the lessons and messages, or watch animated music videos on Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music.  You can also download interactive e-books and listen along with Audible.


Listen on Spotify

Add Lil' Iguana's educational songs to your Spotify Playlist

Watch on Youtube

Watch animated music videos and educational shorts on YouTube

Listen on Apple Music

Listen to all of Lil' Iguana's educational songs on Apple Music

Listen on Audible

Download Lil' Iguana's e-books and listen along with Audible

Safety & Well-Being Lessons

Lil’ Iguana teaches preventative, life-saving safety lessons like Buckle-Up, Get Permission, Who’s a Stranger as well as well-being messages of respect, self-worth, and manners.  

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